As It Is - Pretty Little Distance


As It Is - "Pretty Little Distance"
Written by: Reagan

IT'S BACK TO THE FUTURE in As It Is' brand new music video for 'Pretty Little Distance', taken from upcoming album 'okay', out January 20th!🎶💿Inspired by the 80's classic film, "Back To The Future", this swell video takes us back to the 1950's on the night of the "Magic Under The Sea Dance."🐠 It's fun, playful, and an absolute blast! The viewers can't help but get up and dance right alongside them👊🏼

Filmed in a high school gym, As It Is performs live for the dance. The students jive away with choreographed danced moves, and even at times getting involved in a little relationship jealousy. It's a carefree night to let loose and a reminder about easier times in life.

Suddenly, a phone call is received, and it signals the break out of the guitar solo. Guitarist, Andy Westhead, gets down on his knees as he ROCKS THE HELL OUT OF THAT SOLO just like Marty McFly. Stunned, the pristine and proper students of the cookie-cutter 1950's freeze and stare up at the stage in shock, but, nothing can stop a party, and away they go again!

The 1950's were a time of conformity. People believed that if they confirmed, everything would be okay. From a "Pretty Little Distance" everything looked perfect, but embedded deep inside were people looking for a way to escape. That is what this video represents. It's a fun time, but deep down under the sea, nobody knows what's really going on.

As It Is receives a 10/10 for their creative play on an impeccable film. It's kept simple, yet never looses the viewer's attention. You guys may not be ready for this yet, but your kids are gonna love it😉

Posted on October 16, 2016 .