Andy Black - "Beyond My Reach"

Song Review
Andy Black - "Beyond My Reach"
Written by: Abbey

It’s never enough to just be excited for summer at Warped Tour. What about all of the incredible releases that come along with it? Vans Warped Tour is infamous for their compilation of tour artists every summer, and this year Andy Black had something new to bring to the table. His most recent release “Beyond My Reach” might be stuck in our heads all summer, but we definitely aren’t complaining.

Within our lives as human beings, we are susceptible to so many things like happiness, heartbreak and the inevitable mistakes we will make.  Some mistakes, and people, are harder to let go than others. Especially when they’re just out of our reach, or we were so close to having the perfect ending. That’s exactly what Andy is trying to grasp: the process of pain, letting go, and learning to live with the mistakes we’ve made. All we can do is try to fix them, move on and hope for the sun to come back up.

Andy Black combines his smooth voice with this deep lyrical meaning, and contrasts them with a slightly more upbeat chorus that reminds you of every feel-good summer song with similar background instrumentals. The result is an otherworldly connection between fans and the song. Overall, “Beyond My Reach” is a deep and beautiful lyrical song, that’s catchy enough to make you want to play it on repeat. Be sure to check out the song below, and don’t forget to grab your Warped Tour Compilation CD and Tickets to see Andy Black live!


Posted on June 19, 2017 .