All Time Low - Last Young Renegade

Music Video Review

All Time Low - "Last Young Renegade" 
Written by: Kass

Pop-punk quartet, All Time Low, has released a video to accompany their single, "Last Young Renegade". The anthem, fun-loving song has an equally energetic and upbeat video.

The  video starts out with Alex sitting at a redlight, and he spots a couple on the corner having car troubles. They are playfully shoving one another and not letting their problem bring them down. Alex smiles as he watches on, but it is cut short when his cell phone rings.

Jack is on the other line telling Alex to get his ass to the venue because they are going on soon. Alex hangs up and takes off. The clips switch to Alex showing up at the bar and going on stage.

Meanwhile, the couple from the beginning are seen leaving the car and running down the street together. After buying a couple of roses, they continue their journey and wind up getting on a city bus.

The clips begin to switch between the band playing on a bar, and this couple on this lighthearted, but free journey. It could be perceived as them having no real destination. They are going wherever they want.

The title could be a metaphorical nod that the couple is each other's last young renegade. Instead of doing the obvious like getting a new car, or getting on a different bus, they give light to that 'young blood' mentality. They rebel against the normal obvious answers and solutions to their problems, which led them on an unknown path.

By the end of the song, the guy and girl step into the venue where All Time Low is playing "Last Young Renegade". The song comes to a close, but Alex points to the back, directly at them, and says, "This next song goes out to you guys."

It's never specified that the couple was on their way to that concert, but that's where they end up and it could be related to the belief that that are no such things as coincidences. Everything happens for a reason and you cross people's paths for a reason, too.

The video presents several easter eggs throughout. (An undocumented/unexpected feature in media that is a joke or bonus). For instance, in the beginning of the video, Alex gets a call from Jack and the ringtone that plays is the intro to 'Dirty Laundry', the name of the album and a track on it. In the middle of the video, a sign flashes "Nice2KnowU Pharamcy", which is a nod to another title track off the record. At the end of the video, Alex says, "This next song goes out to you guys." And the same song from the beginning, (Dirty Laundry) begins to play. Is this ATL's way of hinting at a new music video for "Nice2KnowU"?! We sure hope so!

The overall vibe of the video screamed 80's scene. They wore the jean jackets, performed for a small crowd, and integrated the storyline between performing the song live and having the couple act it out. This song in particular has a lot of old school All Time Low in it, mixed with new ideas that creates a cohesive fun song anyone can jam to.

All Time Low earns a 10/10 for their video! "Dirty Laundry" will release on June 2, 2017! Catch the guys on tour this summer and be sure to pre-order the new album on iTunes, Amazon, or Google Play! You can stream it live on Spotify and Apple Music!

Posted on March 25, 2017 .