After The Calm - "Bragging Rights"

Music Video Review

After The Calm – “Bragging Rights”

Written by: Karalynne

In a video that is as emotional as the deeply personal song it’s paired with, After The Calm’s “Bragging Rights” gives viewers a front seat look at heartbreak. As the video begins, the audience is bounced between the words of a heated fight and the blinding lights of emergency vehicles, a scene that both sets the mood for the video and perfectly foreshadows what is to come. From there, the instantly recognizable opening to “Bragging Rights” begins and we are transported to a dimly lit bar where the band is playing in the background as the story behind “Bragging Rights” is brought to life. It recounts the experience of the main character, Jonny, discovering the betrayal of his girlfriend through discovered text messages, the inevitable fighting that ensues, and his heartbroken fall into a liquored daze. As we watch Jonny falling deeper and deeper into his drunken stupor at the bar, we are met with flashes of his girlfriend cuddling on another guy in her own drug induced haze. As the night continues, Jonny becomes more and more agitated. He is seen irritating other bar patrons, and in a twist of irony, harassing the band as they perform. He is eventually turned away at the bar, only to wander outside to his car.  The scene here is hazy and stumbling, capturing Jonny’s state of mind flawlessly. As we flash back and forth between Jonny driving and the band performing, the song’s gentle and defeated tone eerily sets up the events that follow. As the music’s speed picks back up, we witness oncoming headlights and then quick flashes of the girlfriend partying, the band performing, and the same flashing lights that foreshadowed this moment from the beginning. As lead singer Logan Miracle cries out “While I was preoccupied with false love, you were too busy sniffing your drugs,” we are brought into a heart wrenching scene of shock as the girlfriend discovers the car accident through a news broadcast, learning that Jonny has died. The video is dark, angry, and emotionally charged, and was perfectly captured by Jacob Reynolds, who filmed and directed. It receives 9/10 stars for its powerful portrayal of heartbreak at its darkest moments. Check out the video for After The Calm’s “Bragging Rights” and let us know what you think about this up and coming band from the scorching deserts of Arizona!

Posted on June 10, 2017 .