Acceptance - Haunted


Acceptance - “Haunted”
Written by: Kass

“Haunted” is the latest single released by Seattle-based rockers, Acceptance. Prepare yourself, because are heading for the dark side.

The video is exactly what you’d expect from the title, it’s dark, depressing, and sad. We are following the sad story of a man whose relationship with the woman he loves has ended. The video, unlike most lyrical videos, is void in color, but makes up for it in expressing a sad reality. The song and the video are both rooted in real life.

Like a traditional music video, a series of pictures flash by in a sequence, some of them are animated, moving pictures, and some are stills. The lyrics flash between each clip, telling us the story, or ‘reading between the lines’ if you will, or in this case, between the pictures!

The band wanted to approach the idea of doing a lyric video that hasn’t been done before, and they achieved it well. Their first video was purely digital, vibrant, and full of life and color. It contained no lyrics throughout the video and it came out beautifully. What the band calls this specific video style is a hybrid. It has every element of a music video with its lack of color, real world problems and pictures that follow, while also giving those who enjoy lyrics a little something as well.

Overall the vibe both musically and lyrically was organic. It was all natural in the way someone would feel after a breakup. The band has creative something truly creative and unique that has yet to be seen! Hopefully, they’ll continue on their creative path to bring the music world more unique material. “Haunted” earns a 7 out of 10!

Acceptance’s sophomore album, ”Colliding By Design”, will be released February 24th, via Rise Records. Pre-orders for their album are currently available on iTunes and the band's website at!

Posted on January 28, 2017 .