Your Ghost - New Year's Day


 "Your Ghost" by New Year's Day
Written by: Reagan

WANT TO BE PUT OUT OF ALL YOUR MISERY!? New Years Day's new live performance video for "Your Ghost", off their album 'Malevolence', is just the thing to get you pumped and ready to rock! This live performance of "Your Ghost" was taken off New Years Day's 2015 tour with Marilyn Manson.

Full of energy, this video is exactly the type of show one would expect from New Years Day. The audience is hyped and going hard in preparation for Manson, and "Your Ghost" doesn't disappoint them or the viewers after the fact. Their passion bleeds through every note and the viewer feels as if they are right there with them. The scent of smoke in the venue can be imagined, the beads of sweat dripping over everyone shines in the light, the thump of the bass is felt in your heart, and everything a rock show is known for is achieved within three minutes and forty-five seconds. Nothing beats watching hardworking musicians live out their dream.
The "Your Ghost" live performance video consists on shots of driving along highways, backstage madness, audience participation, and of course onstage action. It's a day in the life of New Years Day. The fans get a unique chance to see footage of their journey to the top. Showing them play their hearts out on stage portrays the void in their lives being filled. The ghost standing between them has vanished. They've proved their demons wrong and conquered what they've sought after their whole lives. Each member has chance to be highlighted as they themselves are put out of their misery. They've made it. Everything is going to be ok.

Watching New Years Day rise to the top has been an incredible experience for the fans. We've watched as the audience has grown with each and every tour. This video shows them on tour with an icon, and it proves that one can never stop reaching for their dreams. This live performance is a visual representation of dreams becoming a reality. It's nothing shy of remarkable.

Posted on September 10, 2016 .