"You Can't Look Back" - Taking Back Sunday


"You Can't Look Back" by Taking Back Sunday
Written by: Lexie

The things we do for love!
Today Taking Back Sunday released a music video for their song "You Can't Look Back," and it has certainly a unique twist for a love song!

The song itself is fun and energetic, with lyrics that express the common theme of someone being persistent in making a relationship work. At first it seems romantic, with lyrics like "I'm going to get you if it takes you all night long." To support this lighthearted interpretation of the song, the video initially depicts a carefree scene of friends surrounding a bonfire while a happy couple beams.

Shockingly, as the video progresses, we get a darker understanding of the song, and the weight of the lyrics settle in. Near the middle of the song, vocalist Adam Lazzara is seen coughing up blood, while everyone at the bonfire doesn't seem to notice. He struggles to stay alive as he continues to lose blood, and the scene becomes horrifying. Everyone, including the couple, still seem to be unaffected and totally fine as he crawls to his car for survival. This particular scene appeared to be a physical representation of the kind of pain and sacrifice that can come with being so deeply devoted to, and invested in, another person. While the song still had its sweet message, it became more powerful and dark.

Overall, I would rate this piece a 7 out of 10. The song was catchy, and the video kept you drawn in to see how it would end! If you haven't already, check out this video for yourself on Hopeless Records' YouTube, and let us know what you think!

Posted on September 10, 2016 .