War - Sum 41


"War" by Sum 41
Written by: Reagan

GET READY CAUSE THIS IS WAR!🔥 Sum 41's new single, "War", is here and it's made a BANG! Taken off their upcoming album "13 Voices", out October 7th via Hopeless Records, "War" is the most personal song on the album for vocalist, Deryck Whibley, and this video makes that clear. The release of personal demons is evident to the viewer, and they feel the release right along with him. Filled with emotion, "War" is relatable and can be applied to more than just, in Whibley's case, addictions. The viewers and listeners can easily find a connection to their own lives. Both entertaining and deep, "War" is a great look into what incredible things are to come for Sum 41.

"War" is a slower song than the Sum 41 that we're use to. Piano is used predominately to keep it calm. The drums are kept simple as a basic rock beat is used throughout the tune. The guitar is kept laid back, and the backing vocals echo Whibley. The main focus of the song is the lyrics, so everything else is a soothing background. The impact of the lyrics is important, so it's kept slow to make sure the message is portrayed, and no doubt the goal was achieved.

Visually stunning, this video is closely connected to the lyrics of the song. Performing their single in a deserted combat zone, Sum 41 are stuck in ruins and unsure of how to escape. Whibley walks around aimlessly looking at his world crashing and burning around him. It's a disaster. He looks death dead in the eyes, symbolized by the crashed plane, and overcomes its power to consume him. He's stronger than life's wars.

Climaxing into the final chorus, Whibley grabs a shovel and digs up his demons that he's buried inside himself for too long. He digs up physical objects as memories of the man he use to be: a guitar, drawings, and a whiskey bottle. He's done. He can't do this anymore. Grabbing a lighter, fire is set to his past. Whibley has made the decision to save his life. As "War" fades out, getting lifted off his feet, and out of the combat zone, he is metaphorically lifted of his evils. He's finally free.

"War" receives a 9/10. It's quite literal, but with a universal message, literal is often best. The emotional impact left on the viewers is tremendous. Sum 41 is back, and they're making their comeback known! Nothing can, or ever will, stop them from making their voices heard

Posted on September 10, 2016 .