The Monster - William Control


"The Monster" by William Control
Written by: Tori

Awakening us after a hiatus, we meet again with the addicting William Control. Esoteric, mysterious, innovative and dark personification and transcendent siety is his specialty- showcasing this in "The Monster". Creating a defining moment for dark wave and synthpop, our eyes are opened to a narrative of a dark and lonesome place in someone's mind, where self torture/harm is the answer and the Monster within caters negative thoughts. Making the girl, of the narrative, say "Darkness, I want to sing your song forever", suggesting the comfort within the pain. The pre-chorus and chorus itself conveys the true message of how self-mutilation is the ultraviolet, or bright, burning, and alluring, sin that comforts us as the Monster comes when we're hungry for comfort. The Monster can be an individual we're dangerously addicted to, a bad habit, self harm, etc. 

One can also portray that WC wanted someone who wanted to hurt/feel at ease within darkness, yet he wanted to be her addiction, and have her as addicted as she was to her Monster. Or even becoming your own Monster!

The video was simple, yet effective. In black and white, we see Control travel (could be an allusion to escape), shaking (alludes withdrawal of the Monster or craziness the torture may bring), weapons of "destruction", and becoming the Monster. Yet, as the Monster approaches, we see flashes of red, metaphorically displaying the "euphoria", if you will, and attention of the importance of the dangerous exhilarating pain the Monster brings.

Though this is a new wave (no pun intended) for WiL, old fans may find comfort with the fact that it has a sprinkle of elements correlating to "Price We Pay" and "Beautiful Loser", BUT it is a new sound as a whole. William Control's release is nothing short of brilliant and is something to keep you on your toes as we await his upcoming projects to be released- it'll be the reason to scream for Mr. Control to come to your town. Anxiously await with us and keep up with all things WC, HERE! This music video and song receives a 10/10 - electrifying, catchy, & on replay

Posted on September 10, 2016 .