Take Cover - All Time Low


"Take Cover" by All Time Low
Written by: Kassandra
Edited by: Miguel

Everybody take cover because All Time Low have hit us with a new song and music video for their new release, "Take Cover" via Hopeless Records!! While the music videos showcases the band's successful touring career, it also shows the dedicated worldwide fanbase and their time on the APMA's.

The montage of video footage is in a dual split screen style so they could incorporate even more. The black and white filter helps bring back a nostalgic feeling that bands want to relive, and it gives the fans a bit of that too.

When the band isn't on stage or meeting fans, it shows the quartet's wild antics behind the scenes. It show the guys having fun with each other, blowing off steam, and proving that not every second of tour is serious.

The song itself talks about how secrets don't make friends, love falls apart, and how we should take cover from those things. The title is a dead giveaway as to what the song's meaning is all about. 
It's a literal warning to people that the things they're telling us to take cover from can and will destroy you. Whether the band themselves have actually gone through these things on some sort of personal level is unclear, but this forewarning is too good to ignore either way.

This song also serves as a creative outlet for those who are going through a hard time. We have all been there, but this is a positive beacon in a very dark world. "Take Cover" is a much slower song than what most people expect from a band like All Time Low, but it works so well for them. This song and video earn an 8/10!

Posted on September 10, 2016 .