"Tag, You're It"/"Milk and Cookies" (Double Feature) - Melanie Martinez


"Tag, You're It"/"Milk and Cookies" (Double Feature) by Melanie Martinez
Written by: Lexie

As usual, it's far from sugar, spice, and everything nice with our beloved Cry Baby!

Melanie Martinez has done it again with another video featuring her intriguing, eccentric character. Her latest video -- which is a visual accompaniment for two of her songs "Tag, You're It" and "Milk and Cookies" -- is attention-grabbing and suspenseful. "Tag You're It" and "Milk and Cookies" are both songs with Martinez's signature haunting, playful sound. These songs that would otherwise seem unfitting as a pair, are joined seamlessly by a video that has a dark plot.

"Tag, You're It" tells a story of an unwanted pursuit, as Martinez sings lyrics like "Running through the parking lot, he chased me and he wouldn't stop." The video portrays a literal interpretation of this song by showing a threatening (and totally creepy) stalker in a wolf's mask, following Cry Baby around in an ice cream truck. Falling for his faux charm, Cry Baby eats the ice cream that the "wolf" gives her, and falls unconscious. The wolf seizes his opportunity, and abducts the naive character.

When she wakes up, the beginning of "Milk and Cookies" starts. "Milk and Cookies" expresses grave resentment and dark ideals, as shown in lyrics like "Can't take it anymore, need to put you to bed. Sing you a lullaby, when you die at the end." Again, another literal interpretation is depicted in the accompanying video, since Martinez's character is asked by her captor to make some cookies. Looking forlorn, she obeys. The danger of her situation and the morbid nature of the song both add to the video's suspense, as it is unpredictable what may happen to Cry Baby. While making the cookies, she makes a quick decision to add a strong dose of poison to them. Ironically, the wolf falls for a similar trap to the one he once constructed himself, and he eats the cookies offered to him by Martinez. He slowly begins to feel the effects of the poison, and Cry Baby adds to his misery by pouring a glass of milk on him while he struggles.

Overall, I'd rate this piece a 9 out of 10! It was incredibly entertaining, and the music was incredibly catchy and irresistible. If you haven't already, go to Melanie Martinez's YouTube and check out the video for yourself! Let us know what you think!

Posted on September 10, 2016 .