Ribcage - Andy Black


"Ribcage" by Andy Black
Written by : Tori

"Emptiness is safe, keep it that way"- or is it?
Feeling solitude inside described through "Ribcage", Andy Black expresses himself in the rawest form - the truest of feelings have been put on the table.
Enhancing the core message, the video is produced in black and white to not only follow the "Andy Black theme", but to represent the isolation felt from the world. This was exhibited strongly through such detailed lone shots. Regardless if they were crowd or if he was alone in the shots, the viewer sees Andy vivid and distinct though he is clouded around by darkened effects. I felt as though this was so much more than just a live music video- or "Day in the life of a Touring Andy" video. The audience can see that despite being surrounded by countless individuals daily, the distance between him and the crowd, or how much he enjoys his craft, he feels numb and alone; clinging to the safety net of being your own hope, shoulder to lean on, and self comfort. 
Panoramic scenes are mesmerizing eye candy. From getting a sick 360° of Andy on stage, to off-stage time and fan interaction, it is all captured with such elegance and taste. Being a fan favorite, "Ribcage" is nothing less of incredible and captivating. Receiving a 9/10, prepare for this music video to go viral. Feel wholesome and understood, be sure to get your feed of "Ribcage" below!

Posted on September 10, 2016 .