Revolution Radio - Green Day


"Revolution Radio" by Green Day
Written by: Reagan

SCREAM WITH YOUR HANDS UP IN THE SKY🙌🏼 because Green Day's BRAND NEW title track, from their upcoming album, "Revolution Radio", is HERE! Taking us back to the Green Day we all know and love, it's apparent the band is returning to their roots. Green Day began a movement as they grew popularity for the pop-punk/ punk scene, and they're not stopping anytime soon. "Revolution Radio" gets the listeners PUMPED for what's to come with the album release on October 7th. It's fun. It's bad-ass. It's a REVOLUTION!

The anticipation builds as the tune begins with isolated guitar that gradually escalates. As the guitar crescendos, Tré Cool joins in with a drum roll. Then, BANG, Billie Joe Armstrong yells SCREAM, and the excitement unfolds! The quick hi-hat work lines up perfectly with the quick guitar work which makes it upbeat and easy to listen to.

"Revolution Radio" is kept simple and clean. The musical theme stays consistent throughout the track, and it's carried all the way trough the guitar solo, adding cohesiveness. As per usual with Green Day, the vocals are slightly muted underneath the punk rock instrumentation. It's what makes this song have an iconic Green Day sound. There's no mistaking it for anyone else.
Green Day receives a 9/10 for "Revolution Radio," It's nothing innovative, but it's them. It's Green Day. It's great to hear such an influential band giving a nod to where they came from. Nothing has ever, nor will ever, stop the Green Day revolution!

Don't wait any longer, and listen to the single NOW at:

Posted on September 10, 2016 .