Put Your Hands Up - The Struts


"Put Your Hands Up" by The Struts
Written by: Miguel
Edited by: Lexie

Get ready to put your hands up because The Struts are back with a new catchy tune that will surely stick in your head for days! However, this is not surprising since The Struts have been giving us songs like this since the beginning.

If you’re expecting the signature Luke Spiller tongue trill and the band’s classic rock sound, then you’re in luck. The chorus will literally make you want to put your hands up because it’s upbeat, memorable and it will definitely be a crowd pleaser. This song has everything we love about The Struts and it is musically well written.

In a true glam rock style, Luke Spiller starts off singing and articulates each word roughly. Life is hard and sometimes "you've lost faith" even though "you won't admit it". "You want fun" and you want to erase the stress that life has thrown at you. The Struts wanted to portray this exact meaning and focuses on someone who is struggling and would do anything to get rid of it all for one night, or maybe even a life time. The lyrics are simple yet mesmerizing!

“Put Your Hands Up” gets a 9.5 out of 10. The Struts continue to deliver spectacular music and we will continue to support them throughout their musical career. This song is available for purchase on iTunes so go and show some support by ordering it!

Posted on September 10, 2016 .