One Car Garage - Emarosa


"One Car Garage" by Emarosa
Written by: Reagan

LET'S TAKE IS BACK TO WARPED TOUR! Emarosa's BRAND NEW MUSIC VIDEO for "One Car Garage", taken off their newest album '131' via Hopeless Records, is HERE! Filmed throughout their run on Vans Warped Tour 2016, "One Car Garage" gives the viewers a taste of their fun-filled summer. From onstage and backstage footage, to signings, to crowd shots, this video has it all! It brings the fans back to their set, and makes them wish they were right back there with them.

Beginning with Emarosa loading their gear on to the stage, the anticipation builds. It's the same anticipation that builds while you're standing at the barricade, sweat dripping all over, watching sound check take place, and hearing the first thump of bass. The camera follows the band through the motions of Warped Tour capturing artistic shots of the merch table, their meet and greets, and their backstage hangs while cutting in and out of the band performing "One Car Garage" during their set. Their performance is full of energy. It includes everything from back flips to crowd surfing. Emarosa knows how to put on one hell of a show.

Generally speaking, a live performance video isn't the most original of ideas. It's something we've all seen before, even on Warped Tour. So, there was more room for creativity on their part. However, to add depth to the video, it features important song lyrics held up on pieces of cardboard to add emphasis to those lines. Holding up the lyrics are members of various Warped Tour bands, including fan favorites such as Cody Carson of Set It Off, Jenna McDougall of Tonight Alive, Derek Sanders of Mayday Parade, and Devin Oliver of I See Stars. This draws in more viewers, and makes them excited to see who's featured next. Go watch it, and see if YOUR favorites are in there

"One Car Garage" receives a 7/10. It's visually stunning and a badass rock show! Check it out NOW!

Posted on September 10, 2016 .