Make It Hurt - American Monster


"Make It Hurt" by American Monster
Written by: Reagan

GET READY TO PARTY!! After much anticipation, American Monster's BRAND NEW EP "Make It Hurt" is HERE! American Monster have dove into the scene, and will not be ignored. "Make It Hurt" is their debut, and it does not disappoint. It proves that American Monster is here, and they're here to stay. They're making noise, kicking ass, and playing their hearts out. They know how to get a party started!
Taking it back to the sound of the 80's, "Make It Hurt" feels like a throwback. The band's influences can easily be heard throughout the EP. The inspiration drawn from bands such as Motley Crue, Guns N' Roses, and Def Leppard make American Monster a pure rock-n-roll band. Mixing 80's hair metal with a modern sound makes this EP unique and stand out from a lot of what's on the market. There's a little something for everyone.

Beginning with an instrumental intro track, "CXIII", the build up is impeccably done. The listener can't wait to sink their teeth into whatever is in store in later tracks. It feels as if you're walking into a haunted house with no idea of what's behind the closed door. It gets a little drawn out, but then BOOM, Brody DeRozie enters with some sick guitar, Logan Thayer thumps away on bass, and Jerry Lee slams his drums. The energy bleeds through each and every note. The excitement begins...

Consistently throughout the entire EP, the guitar is tuned up higher in contrast to Tyler Burgess' raspy low-pitch vocals and screams. At times, song intros are heavier, such as the intro for title track "Make It Hurt." However, the instrumentals always go back up. The use of screams and heavier vocals in tracks such as "The Hourglass" is what opens American Monster up to a younger and more current demographic.

While the band is still new and searching to discover their niche, some tracks tend to blend together and sound the same. But, stand out slower tune, "Haunt Me", makes the similarities forgivable. At points in the song, accoustic guitar is used, and later on switches to electric, but it makes it apparent that the band is capable of variety. Highlighting Burgess' vocals, it is truly beautiful. It gives the EP the break-up it needs between the fast pace tunes, giving the listener a chance to catch their breathe. Overall, "Make It Hurt" is very well put together, coherent, and the perfect sample of what's to come.

American Monster receive a 7/10 for their debut! Be sure to give it a listen, and have your face melted at iTunes, Apple Music,, or Spotify.

Posted on September 10, 2016 .