Low Tides - This Wild Life


“Low Tides” by This Wild Life
Written by : Abbey

Are the tides coming in?!🌊 Today This Wild Life released their third full length album Low Tides and we couldn’t be any more excited!The Long Beach, CA duo are back with the same heartbreaking lyrics, impeccable harmonies and a few new tricks up their sleeves. But don’t worry, these guys are not ready to disappoint

From the second the albums takes off, familiar fans can already hear an entirely new element to the bands signature sound…SYNTH. But don’t be scared! The synth and electric undertones provide and entirely new, and refreshing character to their music. From wave like sounds, to muffled reverberations, to almost pop-like synth bops, each is able to transform every song and take it to an entirely higher level. Their sound is so much bigger, broader and beautiful. They quite literally hit the reset button, and in the best way imaginable. 
For those long time fans, no need to fret. As usual, the lyrics are about two heartbeats from giving you a heart attack from heartbreak. There’s nothing more impressive than the raw emotion these guys are able to muster into each individual song and telling a personal story in each and every one. And if you thought that their acoustic vibes and heart stopping vocals couldn’t get any better, do yourself a favor and check “Break Down” out right this second. From the velvety finger picking of the old acoustic guitar, the soft yet intense vocals, the absolutely incredible harmonies, you’ll feel right at home. Though, if you listen close enough you’ll hear the piano striking notes and a more electric guitar sound, which adds a simultaneously sensual and piercing element. Throughout the album you’ll hear so many contrasting pieces which really shows off the range this dynamic duo can pull off. From the passionate ballad-like playing in “Let Go” and “Brick Wall” , to the groovier vibes of “Pull Me Out”, and the pop synth magic that is “Falling Down”, the listener gets a whole new taste of everything This Wild Life can offer.

Overall, this entire album is powerhouse material. The diversity and passion put into Low Tides has definitely not gone unnoticed. Without a doubt, the album easily gets a 10/10. This Wild Life’s experimentation and execution was absolutely incredible and entirely successful. Let us know what you guys think and be sure to catch This Wild Life on tour this fall!

Posted on September 10, 2016 .