Insane - Korn


"Insane" by Korn
Written by: Reagan

LET'S GET INSANE! Korn's brand new music video for "Insane", off their upcoming album 'The Serenity of Suffering' out October 21st via Roadrunner Records, is HERE! This is definitely one to alter your perception of the world around you while consumed by the twisted mental instability depicted. This video will make you question your own sanity while being taken back in time to vintage post-mortem photography and the superstitions surrounding it.

As a deceased woman gets posed for her picture, the photographer looks into the camera and begins to see her soul trapped inside. All of her memories swirl around as her life flashes before the photographers eyes. Hallucinations take over, and as the chorus roars, he goes into a downward spiral of insanity. The build up of the chorus, and as the music gets heavier, it represents the build up into the photographers hallucinations and emotional chaos.The deceased's blank stare pears into the souls of the viewers, and it's impossible to look away. In an attempt to regain his sane mental state, the photographer sits in front of the camera himself. But, he's too far gone. The camera takes his every being. His soul is captured. He's dead along with the bodies he photographs. He's insane.

The mixture of a historical setting combined with modern music gives this video an interesting vibe. It draws the viewer's attention instantly. It's visually stunning and earns itself a 7/10. A good ol' deranged video to make the viewer's go mad is a beautiful achievement.

Posted on September 10, 2016 .