Hardwired - Metallica


"Hardwired" by Metallica
Written by: Miguel

It has been a very long eight years since we’ve heard new material from the legendary, heavy metal band Metallica but today (August 18th) things have changed because they have released a song for us to rock out to!

The song kicks off with speedy guitar chugs accompanied by the punchy drums then it bursts into an up tempo guitar riff. It gives the thrash metal feel of the song right off the bat! Even with the energetic vibes the song delivers instrumentally, “Hardwired” feels pretty bland and repetitive sometimes. James Hetfield’s vocals were on point even though he only sang short phrases throughout. The song gives you what you expect from a Metallica song with a slightly modern take but still classic Metallica nevertheless.

As the title of the upcoming album suggests, we are hardwired to self-destruct and this song digs deeper into that theme lyrically. This can be interpreted in multiple ways, one of them being very relatable to what’s happening in the world today. We are causing destruction to ourselves whether it’s the environment or relationships with the people around us.

The black and white music video didn’t really offer much because it only showed the band performing the song. It featured lots of flickering lights along with quick camera pans but this complimenting the nature of the song perfectly.

“Hardwired” scores an 8 out of 10 and it will definitely get your heart pumping at concerts. The album “Hardwired… To Self-Destruct” will be out on November 18th. What are your thoughts on the song? Let us know down below!

Posted on September 10, 2016 .