Digging For Windows - Zack de la Rocha


"Digging For Windows" by Zack de la Rocha
Written by: Lexie

Rage Against The Machine fans! Have you been wondering what Zack De La Rocha has been up to? Well a single from his upcoming solo album has just been released, so you can hear for yourself!

While the lyrical content of this song preserves the same heat and passion present in RATM songs, the sound is incomparably different, so don't expect a RATM sound!

True to De La Rocha's character, this song fiercely addresses social injustices and inequalities, and calls out our leaders' lack of action against them. The music sits on the opposite spectrum of where traditional RATM music lies -- "Digging For Windows" consists of an electronically-produced accompaniment, which initially makes De la Rocha's vocals sound more like a rebellious spoken-word piece. As the song goes on, a beat more fitting for dance is introduced. While some may find this to be innovative and unique, I personally found this to have a conflicting sound with the lyrical content and vocal delivery. Because de la Rocha's message is so profound and significant, the music did not seem to support the song's theme.

Overall, I would rate this song a 6 out of 10, for it's passionate lyrics. While the music may not have best suited the lyrics, it was a unique sound for such a heated message. Let us know what YOU think of the song! Check it out now and see for yourself!

Posted on September 10, 2016 .