Contagious - Of Mice & Men


"Contagious" by Of Mice & Men
Written by: Kassandra

It didn't have to be contagious to catch our attention! With their new album merely days away from being released, Of Mice and Men are treating fans to another song! Today they released the song "Contagious" and we are here to tell you that we don't want a cure! We're about to spread the news around and infect everyone with this song.

The beginning was slow and not something you would expect from them, but as it began to build up, it turned into a heavier vibe. The song itself was intense, but not so much that it was in your face. It made a good balance of softer tones followed by heavier notes and vocals.

Lyrically speaking, the single talks about how people will rip you apart for the better of you. They will break you down and destroy you any way they can to acquire it. It's a metaphorical statement stating to take the best traits, or most contagious, within someone if you choose to, metaphorically, take them apart. That we, as beings, choose to take the best parts of people to acquire their amazing traits within us. Those contagious pieces are what will change the world, spread optimism, empowerment, and more. This message as a whole isn't necessarily negatively saying to take from others, but to understand, note, and become a better person; we like those traits, so instead of ruining the person to take those traits, we should treat them as examples to grow and BE/ACQUIRE those contagious parts.

While the song focuses on the raw impactful words of breaking someone down, the positive message is definitely at the forefront of this song and it's so well written in that aspect. Contagious earns a 6/10 rating! Be sure to pick up your copy of "Cold World", set to release September 9th!

Posted on September 10, 2016 .