Bullfight - A Day To Remember


"Bullfight" by A Day To Remember
Written by: Lexie

"Everybody sees your head's hung low," so pick yourself up and check out the new music video from A Day To Remember! 😉 Today ADTR released the video for their song "Bullfight," and it really packs a punch!

On the surface, the video has a fairly simple composition -- it mainly consists of the band delivering a fierce performance of the song, along with flashing scenes of a passionate artist painting several canvases. Taking careful note of the vexed lyrics being sung and the content of the artist's work, it becomes evident that this overall piece has a powerful underlying message.

Vocalist Jeremy McKinnon sings about the decline of humanity among humans, in lines like "Why can't we say the things we wish we would? Why can't we laugh the way we know we should? Fall under the weight of all the pressure that's misplaced. Flaws that I embrace," and "Something changed the way we interact, now we can't get it back. Another relic of the past. Makes ya think, did I ever know you at all? Follow until I fall." In these few lyrics alone, ADTR expresses how we are losing our connection to ourselves and others, and that because we continue to blindly follow this trend, we may never be able to recover.

As for the artist's visual, close attention shows that he is actually depicting the lowest points of humanity, including war, death, and corruption. The urgency and purpose in his movements emphasize the weight of the message, while the heavy instrumentals and direct lyrics enhance the delivery.

Overall, the song and video accompany each other perfectly. Along with a powerful message, the song has an irresistible sound, and a totally kickass breakdown -- I would easily rate this piece a 9 out of 10! Considering the appeal of "Bullfight" it is exciting to anticipate what the rest of ADTR's upcoming album "Bad Vibrations" (out September 2nd!) has in store!

Posted on September 10, 2016 .