Break Free - Like A Storm


"Break Free" by Like A Storm
Written by: Kassandra
Edited by: Tori

“Break Free” - English 🇺🇸
“Vous Vous Libérerez" - French 🇷🇺
“Liberar” - Spanish 🇪🇸
"Відірватися від усього" - Ukranian 🇺🇦

No matter what corner of the globe you call home, or what language you speak, we are all united by our desire to Break Free.

New Zealand rockers, Like A Storm, have given us a new music video to their song, "Break Free", taken from their album, "Awaken The Fire". Wanting to pay tribute to their dedicated worldwide fanbase, the band wanted a visually pleasing montage to incorporate their fans, and there was no shortage of footage that flooded in.

The impact of their fans proved that the dynamic is unlike any other and that's what makes this particular video so special and meaningful. The band wanted this video to have layers, something that appealed to everyone on different levels.

While live footage of the band playing the song scrolls by in some clips, the footage that fans sent in can be seen throughought the rest of the video. Every fan clip, shows the lyrics being written on a mirror in different languages, showing how the world is united through music, and more specifically, this one song.

The song "Break Free" is the epitome of what our company is all about. Through our promotions, reviews, dedicated hard work, and undying love for music, we strive to unite the world through music and "find yourself again, through music". "Break Free" deserves a 10/10 for such a beautiful job well done. It's a very good song, with quite a great title ;) You can catch the band on tour later this year!

Posted on September 10, 2016 .