Bang Bang - Green Day


"Bang Bang" by Green Day
Written by: Kassandra
Edited By: Tori

Need something new to head BANG to? You're in luck, then, because Green Day has released a new song that will surely get our heads banging!

Green Day has taken fans back to their punk rock roots, while giving us an upbeat tune. Anyone who is a fan can clearly make out the unmistakable voice that belongs to frontman, Billie Joe Armstrong and the music is fun.

We didn't forget about that iconic Tré Cool drum style throughout the song. Cool's style was described primarily as reggae and implied intricate beats on previous tracks and records, but on recent tracks, the style changed to a more rhythmatic approach to better match Dirnt's bass riffs. It was less of his "wild, animalistic drumming" he became known for and became something more controlled and recognizable. The music was easy to follow, being the typical punky Green Day style we know and love.

Lyrically speaking, the song addresses some heavy modern topics and the title alone attributes to angry and political stances on mass shooting - inspired tragedies happening here at home and worldwide. "American Idiot" was fueled by Bush - era USA, but 2016 Green Day has a lot to say about today's narcissistic social media culture.

It's such a powerful song and an even better way to come back into the game. Green Day has found a way to stay current and after 30 years and 11 albums to date, the rest of us are wondering what else these punk rockers have to say! Bang Bang earns a solid 10/10 for creativity to modern day issues while staying true to their roots.

Their new album, "Revolution Radio" is set to release on October 7th! Be sure to pick up your copy and tell us what track(s) you love!

Posted on September 10, 2016 .