Bad Omens - Bad Omens


"Bad Omens" by Bad Omens
Written by: Lexie

Who says Bad Omens have to be bad?!

Bad Omens recently released their self-titled debut album via Sumerian Records, and it is definitely a crowd-pleaser! This angst-loaded album is the kind of music you could blare on repeat, and never get tired of it.

Fans of Bring Me The Horizon are especially digging this album, as they hear a potential influence in songs like "The Worst in Me." Every song on this album has a distinct sound, resulting in a wide variety of badass tracks for rock-lovers to enjoy.

While some songs remind listeners of BMTH, others, like "Feral" take on their own unique sound as elements of industrial rock are added to the mix. Tracks like "Hedonist" will appeal to fans of the heavier end of the spectrum, as they will get your heart racing and head banging!

Regardless of whatever sound each song utilizes, the entire album consists of a driven, fierce sound and the most enticing vocals. Because of this, I would rate "Bad Omens" a 10 out of 10! The sound is incredibly impressive, especially since this is the band's debut! Check out this album for yourself on Sumarian Records' YouTube, and if you like what you hear, purchase this album for yourself TODAY on iTunes, Amazon, or GooglePlay!

Congratulations, guys, we can't wait to see what else you have in store for us!

Posted on September 10, 2016 .