Alpha and Omega - King810


"Alpha and Omega" by King 810
Written by: Lexie

King 810 is a force to be reckoned with, and their new video is sure to drive that home!

"Alpha and Omega" calls out hypocrisy and corruption within Christianity with a sound fueled by pure repugnance. The song itself is heavy, and appropriately supports the overall theme.

Lyrically, the song is written as a mockery of religious rhetoric. Vocalist David Gunn sings about being the "Alpha and Omega," as well as having immeasurable power and control; he takes the supremacy often associated with God and religious leaders, and makes it threatening and something to be feared. While Christianity -- like most other religions -- prides itself on being wholesome and faithful, Gunn's lyrics put a manipulative, controlling light on those practices and teachings.

In conjunction with these lyrics, the video emphasizes the darker side of religion by frequently featuring headlines of members of the church abusing children. The video also portrays this less-favorable image of the church by recreating "The Last Supper" in a gruesome way. As the video progresses, we see the band -- among others -- sitting around a table of food, including raw flesh, and eating and behaving like savages. In other scenes, the band performs the song in the middle of a church-like setting, while blood gathers on the floor, and is dripping from several people inside of it.

Overall, I would rate this piece a 7 out of 10. The song sounds badass, and the statement being made is driven with such ferocity. Be sure to check out the video for yourself on King 810's YouTube channel, and let us know what you think!

If you like what you hear, then be sure to pre-order their upcoming album "la petite mort or A Conversation With God," which is due to be released on September 16th!

Posted on September 10, 2016 .