333 - Against Me


"333" by Against Me
Written by: Reagan

COME ALONG FOR THE RIDE!🎶 Taken off their upcoming album, "Shape Shift With Me", Against Me!'s brand new music video for "333" is HERE! Directed by Ione Skye, and starring Natasha Lyonne and Andrew Howard, "333" dives into the depths of an unhappy relationship. Against Me! throws us back to the 1960's as we follow around a depressed housewife throughout her day. She's sad and lonely while struggling to find her unique identity. Torn between herself and her marriage, the viewers watch as the wife goes in and out of freedom and back to compulsion.

Beginning with the couple waking up in the morning, it's made clear that the wife feels oppressed. As her husband gets ready to leave for work, she looks nervous about having to handle another day. It seems as if facing another day head on is too exhausting. Looking down at the empty bed, she thinks back to their intimate moments and how disconnected she was during the experience. She begins to obsessively clean every inch of the house as she thinks of her husband. She must please him, but with every inch of the house she scrubs, she scrubs away a piece of herself.

Throughout the video the viewers get a glimpse of the woman she once was. Doing her makeup, and dancing around the house, she feels free. She lets herself go. But, in between her happiness, she goes back and forth to her controlled ways by compulsively cleaning up after herself so her husband never knows. The fear in her eyes is felt in the heart of the viewers. It's heartbreaking💔

As we cheer on the wife to rediscover herself, the video comes to a close as the song fades out and her husband comes home. Against Me! receives a 9/10 for "333" due to their story line music video that portrays a strong message. The viewers are able to relate and apply both the song and the story to some element of their own lives. "333" was beautifully done and makes us even more excited for what's to come for Against Me!👊🏼

Posted on September 10, 2016 .