Reflections - Othello


"Reflections" by Othello
Written by: Abbey

Othello packs a big punch with their brand new EP, “Reflections,” which was released on July 1st via Bandcamp. The melodic hardcore band, all the way from Arkansas, produced an album that was nothing short of amazing, inspirational and absolutely killer.

From the get go, Othello is able to catch your attention with their guitar distortion, heavy rhythms and insane vocals. Never before in a hardcore band have there been such clean yet simultaneously strong vocals. Very few voices are able to evoke emotions the way they did on this EP.

From the fighting and demanding screams in the first track “Dream Builder” to the desperate pleas in “Toxic Medication”, you are always feeling what band is wanting you to feel and that’s incredible. The change in distortion and tonality of the guitars between pieces also has the ability to shape each one uniquely.

One of the most engaging pieces on the album was “Generations” for that fact. A majority of the pieces focus on heavy distorted guitars, a huge element to melodic hardcore. However, “Generations” is an entirely instrumental piece taken down a few notches, and it really showcases the band's talent that might get drowned out in build-ups, breakdowns, or large vocal moments.
The drums were also a huge driving force behind the whole operation. The heavy bass drum and cymbals help control the buildup of the tempo and really allow the listener to anticipate when shit is about to get real.

What really topped off this EP, was the lyrics. There was mostly a common theme of inspiration and fighting your own demons. "Find your strength, gather the will and dig yourself out” hails from the first song on the album and sets the mood. Only you can decide how your life pans out, and either you get up and fight or you sit there and let it dictate you. The latter is obviously not an option for Othello as they later declare, “this disease will not take me.”

By and by this album is about self reflections of the past, which is why the title “Reflections” is so fitting. If you aren’t moved by the musicality of these guys, then you will be by the lyrics. “Reflections" receives a solid 9/10. Othello is one hell of a talented group, and one we’ll definitely be looking out for. Maybe you should too.

Posted on July 6, 2016 .