MGGDA - Cane Hill


"MGGDA" by Cane Hill
Written by: Abbey

My Good God Damn America... sounds like an eulogy to the celebration of our nation’s independence, right? Wrong. It’s what Cane Hill’s recently released single, “MGGDA” stands for.

The metal band, hailing from Louisiana, is set to release their new album, “Smile,” on July 15th. “MGGDA” was one of four songs gifted to the public in anticipation for the release, and it may be one of our favorites. The single opens up with chilling guitar chords and equally as eerie clear vocals by the amazing Elijah Witts. Cane Hill has the impeccable ability to hold such a high intensity with energetic and driven rhythms, and they bring such theatrics to their songs that it really brings the music alive. “MGGDA” does NOT disappoint. The mix of clean vocals and screams, even in mid sentence, is simultaneously impressive and enthralling. The speaking bits in the middle of the piece add an even spookier element to the production. All of which makes it so easy to slam the replay button a couple (hundred?) times.

The band’s twitter released the single stating, “Fuck what America has become. ‪#MGGDA‬.” The lyrical content of the piece definitely backs that statement up. Cane Hill expands on the naivety of our nation and our unfortunate habit to soak up whatever people tell us, out of ignorance. This just may be a new political anthem for the scene and I’m excited to see where else Cane Hill takes us. This song easily gets a solid 8/10.

Cane Hill’s new album “Smile” is set to release on July 15th. Head over to their website to pre-order it, and maybe even grab yourself a bundle! And be sure to catch them ALL summer on Vans Warped Tour!

Posted on July 6, 2016 .