Matches - Glass Mansions


"Matches" by Glass Mansions
Written by: Abbey

Up and coming band Glass Mansions held a preview of a new music video at their recent show on June 24th. Today, they released it to the public. “Matches” is the bands most recent single, following their EP “Gossip” which came out in early April.

Glass Mansions is a female-fronted, pop-rock heavy group that uniquely adds small bits of electronic pieces into their sound, that’ll leave you asking for more. This lyric video is nothing short of mesmerizing. The video starts out with a montage of scenes ranging from flames and smoke to flowers and old television sets. The constant change of scenery keeps the watcher intrigued and actively engaged. Throughout the video, your eyes are glued to the stark contrast between the objects on screen, the background, and especially the lyrics. Although there is a lot of movement and change, the video is very clean and very well done.

The track itself opens up with compelling synth sounds and the distinct and slow beating of the drum. The second that singer, Jayna Doyle, opens her mouth, you’re immediately drawn in. Hook, line and sinker. Her voice is simultaneously strong and powerful, but also soothing and deeply captivating. The song drives on and has an absolute powerhouse vibe that we can’t get enough of.

The lyrics seem to go on about a toxic relationship with someone who’s just looking for their next fix, perhaps like a womanizer. Telling lies with the intention of dragging someone along, insinuating that a slow burn is more painful than a quick flame. “You’ll burn out what you use. Did you get what you needed?” alludes to the idea that this person will stay only when it’s convenient for themselves and leave the other in the dust after they’ve gotten their fix. The singer wants nothing to do with that plan, and insists to light her match but she won’t promise she's what the other is looking for.

She won’t go down without a fight and that’s a message we can all resonate with, and Glass Mansions carry that message will. This powerhouse song and video are easily a solid 9/10. Be sure to catch them this August on The Burritour when they come to a town near you!

Posted on July 6, 2016 .