Carsick - Dayshell


"Carsick" by Dayshell
Written by: Reagan

Get ready to go for a ride, because Dayshell has graced us with their new single "Carsick" off their sophomore album "Nexus" due out October 7th via Spinefarm Records! Dayshell continues on with their post-hardcore sound with this single, and it's really something a lot of fans can enjoy. The lyrics are relatable, and the music is instantly ear catching. If you're looking for beautifully executed clean vocals, Shayley Dayshell Bourget is your man. The music is heavy, but not too heavy to where it's cliche. "Carsick" is done in a style that many music fans can commonly get into while still having a unique spin to make them stand apart from the rest.

"Carsick" begins with a smooth electronic intro that gradually transitions into the full band. The electronic theme runs through the entire tune to keep it cohesive and to compliment the intense instrumentation. Clean vocals run throughout the song, but more passion and emotion is put into specific words for emphasis. They're almost screamed to get the message of feeling trapped in the passenger seat of your own life, and not having any control, across to the listener. Some lyrics, unfortunately, become mumbled and muted in the background, becoming hard to understand.

During the chorus, the entire listening experience becomes more powerful. The song speeds up, and passion spills out of every seam. It goes back and forth from slowing down to speeding up throughout the song's duration.

The climactic moment begins when "Carsick" reaches its slowest point and the lyrics "break before you die, my mind is broken in two, which way to choose." The music pauses for a split second to represent the turning point and the ultimate decision being made. It's done for a quick flair of the dramatic.

It comes to a close with a calming, simple, quiet piano, and eventually it all fades out. Everything gets summed together perfectly. The listener gets a feeling of closure and satisfaction.

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Posted on July 6, 2016 .