Wasteland - Against The Current


"Wasteland" by Against The Current
Written by : Tori

Warped Tour stars Against the Current are unique, or against the current as you could say😉 These bad ass pop rockers stand out and above, premiering their new music video for their track, "Wasteland".
Against The Current have a Bebe Rexha meets PVRIS with a dazzle of Selena Gomez, kind of sound- yet establishing their own style.. making this track one of our new faves. 
The video takes place in a beautiful forest wasteland, complimenting the lyrics. Quality of the video is astonishing and we see the band looking their best.
Stylish guitars open the track for us, creating a fantasy-like vibe. But as soon as vocalist, Chrissy Costanza, begins to sing, the mood switches to a poppy tone. The video has untamed plants growing, resembling their Wasteland theme. The somber colored tones, misty scenes, and open fields- I wouldn't mind waking up in THIS wasteland😉 However, this differs from the meaning behind the lyrics. Metaphorically, the band chose those somber tones and the mist to exemplify the cloudiness and darkness that fills your heart and head when in a place where the difficulties continue to grow and aren't taken care of or changed. This can also hint but not directly deliver the message that strength and beauty (the beautiful scenes in the video), can come from going through the hardest of times.
Vans Warped Tour is KNOWN for launching the next big thing- and this year.. it's ATC!
Against the Current's new album, "In Our Bones", dropped May 20th & you can catch them performing this pop hit from their album, along with others all summer long on The Vans Warped Tour all summer long! Keep your eyes peeled for some Break Free photos of these rock stars... coming soon😉 This video gets a 9 out of 10!

Posted on July 3, 2016 .