Toronto - Silverstein


"Toronto" by SIlverstein
Written by: Abbey

Canada’s own Silverstein released a new music video for their song “Toronto” via Rise Records! The video features an unabridged, or complete, version of the song from their 2015 album “I Am Alive In Everything I Touch”. The band released the video just days after they finally wrapped up their summer European tour, which makes the news even more ironic.

As always, the musicianship of the band is absolutely incredible. Shane’s voice is so soothing with just the right amount of edge to convey every single emotion that’s pouring out of his words. There’s a unique orchestral instrumentation going on in the background throughout the track, which provides a different element and allows the sound to build and build until the whole band had joined in. The slow progression from acoustic to the full band sound is simultaneously typical Silverstein but also entirely magical. It helps the listener really understand the feel the emotional appeal of the song.

The video sports a black and white filter throughout, which is extremely aesthetically pleasing. The camera spans over suburban areas, city landscapes, traffic jammed highways, and pedestrians meandering through streets. The city, as the title may give away, is Toronto which is the homeland of lead singer @shanetold . The lyrics speak of the constant coming and going that touring entails, and not being back in time to see the seasons change, just like the snow falling in the video. Everything around his town seems to be changing, except for himself. Toronto is home to him, but he’s never around enough for it to actually be home which explains the feeling of being stranger. They’re constantly having to detach themselves mentally, physically, and emotionally from the place they’ve grown up and felt safe their whole lives. While they are nostalgic to return home, they’ve also never been so scared to face the cold truth.

As the video progresses, and as more of the band members make an appearance, their silhouettes are filled with those same scenic montages. This symbolizes that despite where they are in the world, their home will always be a part of them. The sentiment is brought to light with the lyrics “This place is called home but it’s not where i will stay, it’s all temporary. I know i’ll never move away”. Shane Told realizes that it’s not necessarily him who is the stranger, but the city itself.

Overall, the video is breathtaking with the instrumentation to match. Silverstein has absolutely outdone themselves once again. Silverstein is returning home for now, but will be returning to the UK/EU later this year! Be sure to check them out at a location near you! Check out the music video on Rise Records and let us know what you think!

Posted on July 29, 2016 .