Retrograde - Crown The Empire


"Retrograde" by Crown The Empire
Written by: Reagan

New music from Crown The Empire is here, so get ready to go on a brilliant musical journey! Crown The Empire released their brand new album "Retrograde" on July 22nd via Rise Records, and it oozes passion through every note. It stays true to their post-hardcore sound, but also takes the listener to a futuristic place that feels a bit psychedelic. The music throughout the entire album somehow manages to twist our current mental perception of present time. "Retrograde" is trippy, and if you're ready for it, check it out.

The album begins with an instrumental intro filled with calming piano, muted background vocals, and, for a bit of nostalgia, nursery music. Fading out, the fast-pace song "Are You Coming With Me?" comes in with steady drum hits on the toms and heavy guitar. It's the first look into what the rest of the album has in store and gets the listener pumped up. The theme of chanted vocals and the use of the piano are carried throughout the entire album, unfortunately however, tracks 3 and 4 fall a bit short and begin to lose the attention of the listener. But, once "Hologram" begins to play, 'Retrograde' is back on track. "Hologram" sets up the second half of the album which becomes the highlight.

The transition to the second half of the album is very apparent. An interesting instrumental break in the middle is used to signal the next phase of the album. "The Fear Is Real" includes clanking metal, flutes, whispers in the background, and a piano going up a scale gradually speeds up. As the tune speeds up, the volume intensifies. Gradually, the sound drops out into slow quarter notes. Then all goes silent.

"Lucky Us", the next track, is heavier than the rest of the album. The electronic futuristic sound through the whole song is dropped, but still comes back at certain times to tie into the rest of the track listing. It draws the listener back in immediately. An 80's pop vibe comes next with "Weight of the World" which provides the listener with something fresh and lighter, just in time to slow it down with "Signs of Life." "Kaleidoscope" then ends the album on a high note. The vibe in the beginning in the album is quite different than the vibe in the end. The discombobulation works with what Crown The Empire was trying to achieve, however. 'Retrograde' is an extremely well thought out album, and receives a strong 7/10 rating. Go pick up your copy, and be sure to catch Crown The Empire all summer long on Vans Warped Tour!

Posted on July 29, 2016 .