Lucky Us - Crown The Empire


"Lucky Us" by Crown The Empire
Written by: Reagan

Get ready for a mind-altering twist to your current mental state, because Crown The Empire released their new single "Lucky Us" off their brand new album 'Retrograde' due out July 22nd via Rise Records

To accompany the single, Crown The Empire released a video, exclusively to Facebook, that takes the viewer on a bizarre journey into vintage scientific testing. Complete with unsettling, filthy, old science labs, psychological testing takes place with cat-and-mouse puppets and an infestation of millions of rats. It's as if you're walking into an old torturous institution filled with dark secrets and a hidden past. If you have an aversion to rodents and the works of electric shock therapy, this is your warning: You are about to witness a horror film that will keep you up for days with the feeling of vermin crawling over your skin at night. In that case, I would recommend steering clear of the video and sticking with the single alone. 

"Lucky Us" begins with an eerie build up that leads into distorted guitar. As the clean vocals enter, they are muted beneath the intense guitar and heavy drums, which could have been used for dramatic purposes, but can also make the listener stop to question what's happening. To draw attention back into the tune, as the chorus erupts the scream vocals overpower it all in an explosion of emotion. The volume of the music goes up as well to make the chorus the undeniable focal point of the song. Consistently, steady time is kept on the crash symbol and steady drum hits are played on the toms. Also, breakdowns are used instead of solos. 

Switching back and forth between clean verses and a screamed chorus, as many songs do, everything drops out and returns to the chilling musical theme used during the intro. Returning to the opening ties the chaotic piece into a cohesive whole. 

"Lucky Us" receives a 7/10 rating, Some elements are cliche and have been used many times before, but with the use of the intro and the aid of the video, this track has unique moments that are memorable and make Crown The Empire stand apart from the rest. 

Posted on July 29, 2016 .