Circles - Pierce The Veil


"Circles" by Pierce The Veil
Written by: Reagan

A new fun-filled music video from Pierce The Veil is here!🙌🏼 Their brand new music video for "Circles" off their latest album 'Misadventures' premiered on MTV, and it's a kooky one for sure. Based off the 1991 slap-stick horror film "Nothing But Trouble", Pierce The Veil takes their own twist on the movie's plot as they attempt to escape a haunted hotel and the crazy hotel manager trying to kill them.
Enjoyable and lighthearted, the "Circles" music video is fun for fans to watch and get a kick out of while also getting to appreciate Pierce The Veil's creativity and originality. Watch your back, because nobody is safe😳
Left with only one vacant hotel, Pierce The Veil is forced to stay in a place that anybody in their right mind would avoid. Greeted by a monster-like manager, the band is weary of their safety, but continue on to their quite unfortunate room. They enter into a room with blood spatter on the wall, taxidermy animal heads, and human bones scattered on the ground. Run, Pierce The Veil, run! But no, they have drinks with the manager which opens the door for him to begin with his multiple attempts to kill them. He poisons them and causes hallucinations. His tactics force them into running down endless hallways only to discover newspaper articles stating that their friends, Sleeping With Sirens and All Time Low have gone missing as well. The search for a way out begins.
"Circles" goes back and forth from the story-line to Pierce The Veil performing their song with the hotel room in the background. Often, Vic Fuentes will look directly into the camera for an emotional connection with the viewers, but also as a representation of the serious deep meaning behind what they're trying to portray.
Day in and day out they're on tour in places unknown, and it's an endless cycle. They go in circles, and it's as if there's no way out. The video begins in bright colors and gradually becomes gloomy, as does life on the road in the music industry. Sometimes it feels as if everyone is out to get you, and your friends, and it's all up to you to not allow yourself to disappear. You must fight back and fight for your life.
The band fights back hard. They head to the circuit breaker and burn the hotel to the ground. They're free...they thought. Safe at home and munching on Fruit Loops, the hotel manager comes on the news. He's back, and he's in San Diego. Pierce The Veil aren't even safe in their own city. There's no escape.
Pierce The Veil receive a 9/10 rating for their quirky form of entertainment. It's much appreciated for them to take the time to act in their own video. It creates a greater experience for the fans and shows their dedication to their work.
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Posted on July 29, 2016 .