Bullfight - A Day To Remember


"Bullfight" by A Day To Remember
Written by: Reagan

Today is definitely A Day To Remember, because A Day To Remember premiered their brand new single "Bullfight" on BBC Radio 1, and it was phenomenal! We're definitely in for a treat when their new album "Bad Vibrations" debuts August 19th!

Filled with amazing raspy clean vocals, upbeat guitar, and a breakdown, "Bullfight" is very A Day To Remember. There's no mistaking this tune for anybody else. It does sound like songs heard previously from both them and other bands, but that doesn't make the quality any less great.

It begins with simple quarter notes on the guitar to build suspense. Then, going into the fun vibe, screams are used for emphasis in key lyrical moments to compliment the cleans. The breakdown in this track uses more technical skill than the typical hardcore tune. The talent of A Day To Remember is highlighted.

The chorus gets built back up to after this, and it'll be playing over and over in your head for hours after the last note is hit. "Bullfight" is catchy and will please the most dedicated of fans. This world premier gets us pumped for "Bad Vibrations", and with only the smallest glimpse into what's to come, it's already apparent A Day To Remember will never disappoint.

Along with picking up the album August 19th, be sure to catch them on tour all summer long with blink-182

Posted on July 29, 2016 .