Above It All - Farewell, My Love


"Above It All" by Farewell, My Love
Written by : Tori

Ingenious, sharp, and fervent, we are welcomed into the new world of today's rock! Inviting, steamy, tense, and heavy guitars, whipping vocals, and melodies that'll blow your mind, "Above It All" is your reason to be hauled into rehab- Farewell My Love Addict. This album is the Rock God's way of thanking you for having good taste and blessing you with a new band to fall in love with. Full of a diverse mixture, we see every side of this band... whether you liked the old, and still used, Tim Burtonesque tings on xylophone, or fell in love with that new classic rock vibe, or even like heaviness- they will satisfy your hunger.
This album will make you cry, reminisce over some of the best moments of your life, get over the worst, love harder, respect more, get inspired, miss an old friend, get better, and/or even open your eyes to the rollercoaster of reality.
As each song passes, you hear the maturity of the band. You feel their struggles (that can relate to yours), you learn more about perspective, and you might as well max out that credit card on their merch store and brand new album... It's too good. Each track is uniquely it's own. Difficult task- but Farewell take on the challenge and exceed your standards for assortment. It's hard to compare this band to anyone due to their diversity and originality, but you can say that you can get a Skillet element with sprinkle of Avenged Sevenfold and Black Veil Brides on the harder pieces. But Panic! At the Disco, the Struts, and My Chemical Romance vibes in some more of what can be considered pop rock- like tracks.

Hear those tasteful solos, that sweet originality, and feel what innovation is. Find your anthem, find yourself again, rise above it all and check out "Above It All".
Including singles, "Burn Out the Night", "Crazy", and "Never Stop", album "Above It All" is finally here. Getting an explosive rating of 1000+/10, we can assure you that this album is beyond words and will be ageless. It is set to release July 22nd, through CRCL Records, but check it out now!

Posted on July 29, 2016 .