Walls - The Color Morale


"Walls" by The Color Morale
Written by: Miguel

Have you ever noticed that everywhere you go, there are always people looking at their phones and are unaware of what’s really going on around them? Well, The Color Morale released a new song and music video in light of this situation and by the looks of it, it’s nothing short of perfection.

The music video starts off with a couple together. Then it goes on to follow a man walking through a busy street and everyone who was on their phone was wearing a white mask, all seemingly unresponsive. This cleverly symbolizes the detachment they have with the world and this may be a familiar sight if you do go somewhere. This remained a common theme throughout the video as we saw that wherever the man went, there were always people on their phones being uninvolved with their surroundings.

The video is not the only aspect of this release that is amazing, but the overall production of the song and also the lyrics. We are greeted by a piano in the beginning and soon after Garret Rapp joined in with his welcoming vocals along with a thrilling guitar melody. This created buildup for the powerful chorus as all the other instruments came in with full force. The lyrical motif focused on “keeping you yourself in isolation to avoid vulnerability,” according to Garret Rapp. The isolation in this case is the walls that you need to mentally build to keep the outside world away. This is very relatable in a sense that we need to keep ourselves from being detached from what’s happening around us.

“Walls” is an outstanding depiction of the issue with cell phone usage and it gets a 9 out of 10. We hope that this song will remind people that there is more to life than technology and to apply it to their everyday lives. The band’s upcoming album “Desolate Divine” is due out on August 19th so be sure to pre-order it!

Posted on July 17, 2016 .