Take Me Down - The Pretty Reckless


"Take Me Down" by The Pretty Reckless
Written by: Miguel

We all have been waiting two long years to listen to new material from The Pretty Reckless and the time has come in the form of an edgy new track “Take Me Down.”

In “Take me down,” The Pretty Reckless achieved the classic rock n' roll sound with its cool and pleasant tone. You will immediately notice the change in the band’s sound but you cannot expect them to sound the same for every album. Taylor Momsen’s voice however, remained powerful and unique as she sings with such maturity and poise throughout the song.

The lyrics may be something you love or hate. Taylor Momsen expresses her love for rock n’ roll and with her passion for the art, she wants to be the best she could possibly be - to the point where she is willing to give up her soul. Some may like this because it can be relatable and we will do anything in order to be good at what we are passionate about. However, some people may dislike the lyrics in a religious standpoint.

In a true traditional rock n’ roll style, The Pretty Reckless gives us something refreshing to listen to. “Take Me Down” gets an 8 out of 10 and do let us know your thoughts on the song!

Posted on July 17, 2016 .