Never Stop - Farewell, My Love


"Never Stop" by Farewell, My Love
Written by : Tori
Co-Written by: Abbey

Farewell My Love is back at it again with the beautiful scenetic and eye catching music videos. To compliment this sassy, sexy, and rock n roll track, F,ML release a brand new music video to their track, "Never Stop". Being by far their best video, with quality and concept, Farewell allow us to step into their shoes to view the trials and tribulations they've faced while sharing that despite their struggles, they'll never stop and they WILL conquer it all. With a HUGE image and musical change, the band tackle a whole new sound and appearance - and DAMN ARE THEY OWNING IT!
With style and class, edgy guitars and pounding drums, we feel the intensity of emotion and power behind their message and sureness of their decision to never stop. Contrasting, FML lightens the tone with xylophone tings that they're known for.

Waking up in a desert, flashing his "Never Stop" tattoo, vocalist Chad Kowal is chained to a coffin - surprise surprise to who's the guest inside 😉Metaphorically, the band beautifully displays being tied to your past self, or could even be viewed as the self that takes all the troubles thrown at you; and trying, despite the difficulties, to pull that person along. The song itself is about being yourself, not letting words and struggles pull you back from all that you want in life. It expands on the fear we constantly struggle with of chasing our dreams and what we believe in, facing and overcoming the doubt that others and even ourselves throw in our way. Sometimes our biggest enemy and obstacle is our own mind, and Farewell hit the nail on the head. Lyrically, this is an anthem and the beginning of a revolution. We will never stop, we will not be silenced, and we will rise above the doubt.

Releasing through Billboard, we see the nonstop upward incline for the band. This incline will Never Stop😉 They are the next big thing... be a part of the movement. 
Check them out here:

You won't regret it! New album, "Above It All", is set to release JULY 22nd! Pre-order packages are LIMITED. So get them while they're still available!

Posted on July 17, 2016 .