From The Grave - Juliet Simms


"From The Grave" by Juliet Simms
Written by : Abbey

From NBC’s The Voice to now, Juliet Simms seems to have only gotten more astounding. With the release of her second EP, "From the Grave", listeners can easily hear how her voice has transformed and molded into a powerhouse entity that borders on classic rock and her own unique sound.

The classic rock vibe is immediately apparent in the first two tracks, “Get Ready” and “Say Hello”. Simms has an incredible ability to balance her voice and sound between rock and blues and then also something much softer. “Get Ready” showcases some insane power vocals that leave you absolutely breathless while “Say Hello” borders on almost a southern rock sound that make you wanna dance around your living room while mimicking some of the amazing guitar riffs (except, ya know, air guitar 😉).

For those listeners are already quite in tune with Juliet Simm’s rocker-esque vibe, track three “Tidal Wave” is a total game changer. The track features an almost pop rock tonality that immediately grabs your attention. The soft vocals and guitar are a much welcomed change, and the listener gets a chance to see how amazing and unique Simm’s voice truly is.The light bongo-like drums in the background are soothing yet also make you sway to the beat. Other tracks like “Phoenix” and “Frances are equally as breathtaking. And for those of you who caught Juliet Simms in Automatic Loveletter, “Found Missing” seems almost like a nostalgic blast to the past, in the best way possible.

It’s no surprise that this female rocker is capable of putting out such a powerful album that matches her equally as insane voice. And that’s exactly what she did. “From the Grave” easily receives an 8/10, and we here at Break Free encourage you to take a listen. “From the Grave" is available NOW on most digital music stores, so head over to iTunes and grab yourself a copy!

Posted on July 17, 2016 .