Ashes of Eden - Breaking Benjamin


"Ashes of Eden" by Breaking Benjamin
Written by: Taylor
Edited by: Miguel

By creating a sci-fi take on the popular biblical story of Adam and Eve, Breaking Benjamin has stirred up our emotions with their newly released music video for their single "Ashes of Eden."

The video opens by taking us on a journey through outer space and showing us the true beauty of the galaxy whilst a daunting and heartfelt guitar riff is slowly played in the background. This particular opening is a representation of the emptiness of space travel, further reinforced by the lack of movement in each of the opening shots. We are then greeted by Benjamin Burnley, the vocalist, in a modern space ship type setting that is very reminiscent of Star Trek. This is something Ben has told us he has been inspired by a number of times. The music video is designed to evoke a sense of sorrow and pity for the main character as he desperately tries to contact a significant other, friend or other life. "Are you with me after all, why can't I hear you?".

Whilst the lyrics are telling the story of absence, we are shown multiple scenes in which there are people drifting out to space. Some connected by wires and some not, potentially connoting death in a peaceful manner. The fact that these people are drifting out into space could represent the sense of tranquility and peace that death grants us, whereas the people with wires attached are perhaps on the brink and preparing to let go, reinforcing Benjamin's repeated lyric "Stay with me, don't let me go".

The overall sound is a rather different for BB as we are used to hearing rather heavy guitar riffs and a mixture of clean vocals and screams. This is however a nice change as it evokes a great deal of emotion simply due to the saddened tone of Benjamin's voice and the context of the video.

Overall, Ashes of Eden gets a 9/10! The video and lyrics made us sympathize for the characters in a mere 4 minutes making this a masterpiece from Breaking Benjamin. The imagery, the emotion, the story, and the context all intertwines so well and it makes for an excellent experience.

Posted on July 17, 2016 .