Universal Language - Stick To Your Guns


“Universal Language” by Stick To Your Guns
Written by: Miguel

With all the horrible events that are happening in the world today, it doesn’t surprise us that bands are stepping up and releasing songs to shed light on the violence and hatred in the world. “Universal Language” was meant to be released at a later date but Stick To Your Guns decided that now is the best time to release it and we think that was the right decision.

Like music, violence can also be a “universal language” and we witness many atrocities that bring “total devastation” every time we look at the news. Jesse Barnett stresses in the chorus that “the ones you’ve grown to hate are just like you and me.” This shows that we are all humans and are the same, but your hatred makes you hypocritical since you have the same hatred as your enemy. A perfect example of this is the Dallas shootings that took place recently. Stick To Your Guns wanted to express themselves on this matter and they succeeded perfectly.

The song starts off with a huge guitar riff to welcome Jesse's gritty vocals shortly after. Stick To Your Guns also joined forces with the Counterpart’s vocalist, Brendan Murphy, to deliver a duo that metalcore fans dream of. The transitions between both vocalists were seamless and it’s something we will always appreciate! Despite being pretty basic, the chorus sounds enormous and this is a song that lot of people will be singing along to at concerts!

With the perfect timing of this release and the pure meaning of the song, “Universal Language” gets a 10 out of 10. This is a song many people should listen to, to open their eyes and to help one another instead of the unnecessary violence.

Posted on July 13, 2016 .