Splendor and Agony - Sinsaeum


"Splendor and Agony" by Sinsaeum
Written by : Taylor
Edited by: Tori

Brutal and bloody, ex Slipknot drummer, Joey Jordison, and his band, Sinsaenum, have released their new music video for their track, "Splendor and Agony". If you like blast beats, blood and zombies... then this is the video for you.

Catching us off guard, this track gets us straight to the point, having no build up- what a suckerpunch of power
Dropping us into the pit of the undead and infectious death growls, we enter into the pits of hell. The video opens with heavy head-banging, windmilling, zombies, and blood- setting us up for the deadly roller coaster ahead:; All of this occurs within the first 15 seconds or so, leaving an everlasting impression of gruesome agony.
Some may be taken back by the sudden gory scenes and the sheer volume of the song. The vocals soon kick in, full of hate and pure brutality- the kind that send shivers down our spine and make demons quake at their knees! The combination of the heavy guitar riffs, double bass, and the aggressive growls makes for one hell of a track! The rest of the video is similar to watching something out of a horror movie- people being hunted down by the undead, the abundance of blood and gore, and of course, the band members in their zombie states covered in guts. I don't think we could ask much more from a grotesque and dark music video. 
Sinsaenum is a large step away from the material Joey wrote and played whilst in Slipknot- which can be viewed as a good thing. It's a very interesting process to watch an artist stray away from their own style of music to create something much darker than before. It shows diversity in a musician, something we all know Joey has harnessed. The band is great, the song is great, and the music video manages to accomplish what all music videos set out to do; and that is leaving a lasting impression while bringing the track to life, or death in this case. This music video may not be advised for viewing to everyone, but if you don't mind the brutality it's awesome! "Splendor and Agony" receive a rating of 7 out of 10!

Posted on July 13, 2016 .