Skin and Bones - September Mourning


"Skin and Bones" by September Mourning
Written by: Reagan

CHILDREN OF FATE! September Mourning's new single "Skin and Bones" is FINALLY HERE, and it's accompanied by a fantastic comic book themed lyric video. The artwork shown in the video is a preview of their upcoming comic "The Hand of Fate" which goes hand-in-hand with their new album "Volume ll" out July 29th via Sumerian Records. As a special surprise, "Skin and Bones" features the marvelous violin work of Jinxx of Black Veil Brides!

Emily Lazar's voice is breathtaking and powerful, but it's still soft and gentle. Her voice flows smoothly with the hard rock music and abundance of male background vocals. The music becomes lower pitched when the vocals become deeper to add depth. During the chorus to grab the listener's attention, it becomes higher pitched as the focal point of the story. The music aids in their action packed storytelling style. This tune is catchy and memorable. It'll be playing in your head for days.

Emily Lazar is illustrated as a badass superhero ready to take on the evil villains. She's kicking ass and taking names. Defeating those who judge her, she proves that internal strength is what propels us forward. Our "skin and bones" do not define us. She may be small, but nobody can take her down. She's fed up with being looked down upon, and her superhero persona is a release of built up frustration. The comic book lyric video is a visual illustrated representation of retaliation. It's a grown-up message, but takes us back to childhood by using a comic book to get the story across. It's innovative and fascinating to watch.

The "Skin and Bones" lyric video takes the viewer on a fun visual journey. Being a "Dark Alternative Hard Rock Musical Graphic Novel Art Project" is something never done before and makes September Mourning stand in a league of their own. They receive a 8/10 for this one.

Posted on July 13, 2016 .