Hope For The World - Ray Toro


"Hope For The World" by Ray Toro
Written by: Reagan

For those of you still mourning the loss of My Chemical Romance, ex-guitarist Ray Toro's new solo project may ease the pain just a bit. Toro released his new single "Hope For The World" at quite the appropriate time. 

Preaching love not hate, Toro takes a strong stance against inequality and injustice. "Hope For The World" is a beautiful ballad that takes political action, and attempts to unite the listeners, in an effort to create a positive change. His debut album is still in the works, but this single is an indication it's going to be lovely. 

"Hope For The World" is calming, but uplifting at the same time. It consists of steady time on the drums with strong pops of snare hits, soft piano, and acoustic guitar. Beginning with just vocals and quick quarter notes on the guitar, slowly, all instruments come in. The focal point of the tune is the lyrics, so the music remains simple throughout the entire track. It's more about the lyrics, and their message, than it is technique. Interestingly, the guitar solo, however, is played on an electric guitar. It keeps the pace chill, but adds a little rock into the mix. It all ends with the guitar gradually fading out. All in all, Toro has achieved a well very put together track.

Toro deserves a standing ovation for pushing the powerful message of acceptance of one-another. Don't give up on the world just yet. We must hold on to the hope that one day everybody will be treated as equal and we can "turn off the sound of war and hate." Love ALWAYS wins over hate

Posted on July 13, 2016 .