Devil's Calling - Parkway Drive


"Devil's Calling" by Parkway Drive
Written by: Taylor

Today, Parkway Drive released their new track, "Devil's Calling," and can we just take a moment to appreciate how phenomenal this track is! The guitars, the vocals, the buildup, the chorus, everything. After first hearing this new song I simply had to listen it again, and then again, and then five more times! Parkway Drive have always been one of my personal favourite bands and it is incredible to have watched them grow and evolve over time!

"Devil's Calling" is an example of a Parkway Drive song that strays away from their metalcore roots and offers something much more diverse. Diversity in a band is an incredible thing as its a trait that keeps supplying the audience with different styles to keep things fresh and new to everyone listening!

The song opens with a beautiful guitar harmony before the drums drop in and compliment the harmony with a destructive and powerful beat that would make any human begin to bang their head along. Shortly after the drums kick in, the vocals are introduced in a whisper-like tone as Winston McCall begins to tell a story we have all been waiting to hear. These particular vocals are accompanied by a very motivating and fast guitar riff, something that you would usually hear from a power metal band such as Hammerfall or Sonata Arctica. It makes a delightful change and works with Winston's vocals exceptionally well!

The undertone of the song is something I felt was hard to pinpoint as the guitar melody grants such a positive and heroic feel but the vocals create some sort of dark shroud over it and introduce some darkness. This gives us an excellent contrast between the preferred mood of the song.

The track is to be featured on the deluxe edition of "Ire," an album the band initially put out in 2015. The deluxe edition is to be released on July 15th and we cannot wait. Make sure you mark your calendars!

Posted on July 13, 2016 .