Curfew - Sect XVX


"Curfew" by Sect XVX
Written by : Abbey
Edited by: Miguel

Love Fall Out Boy? Then you may love this! FOB’s drummer, Andrew Hurley, has just released a single with his hardcore band, Sect. The band released the song in light of recent societal events and in anticipation for their debut album “Sect” which is set to release on August 5th. Though hesitant to share their song, especially with death tolls rising due to gun violence, the band decided the public needed this song now.

“Curfew” is meant to uphold the conversation surrounding gun violence, and to support those who are victims to systematic violence and oppression. It starts off with a voiceover, claiming that riots were happening and the police were acting like “the pigs they are.” The statement makes it blatantly clear that whoever is speaking, is not on the same side as the police.

Immediately afterwards the entire band comes in with full force. You can feel, hear, and sense the anger and the outrage in their tone. The fast paced, bass beating, insane drums from Hurley, the otherworldly, intense, and signature distortion from the guitars, and the gut wrenching, furious vocals all come together to make you really feel whats happening. And it doesn’t stop there.

The lyrics are equally as enraged. The police forces are called rats, cowards, murderers, and excessive. The victims are claimed to be “born on the downside of an invisible cage”, and to die in custody “like it’s an incident and not a system of the deputized and their excusers.” The piece closes with a line stating that no lives matter now, which sounds pretty familiar if you ask me.

If Sect wanted to write a political anthem describing the current society that we live in, they definitely did their job. “Curfew” gets an 8/10! Make sure you stay tuned for their album release in August. I know we can’t wait!

Posted on July 13, 2016 .