All Hell - Vanna


"All Hell" by Vanna
Written by : Abbey
Edited by: Reagan

It’s an exciting day for hardcore fans! Boston’s own, Vanna, released a new album “All Hell” on July 8th! Skyrocketing their way to #11 on iTunes rock charts, the band has received nothing but praise for the album.

Vanna exhibited such great talent on “All Hell” and showed their incredible capability to switch on and off between different emotions and tones to deliver an amazing collection of music. Songs like “Paranoia Euphoria”, “Pretty Grim”, and “Reaping a Whirlwind” pack a huge punch with racing drums, heavy distortion, and fierce vocals (and not to mention the badass breakdowns!). On the other half of the album, something amazing happens. Vanna is able to take it down a few notches, in volume NOT TALENT, and you see an amazing side of the band. “Flower” has a soft start with significantly less grungy guitars. There’s a shift in mood, and it brings out the deepness and character of the clean vocals. The clean vocals are what really draws the listener in on these softer and slower pieces.

Aside from the different tones, there’s a difference in lyrical content that occurs with each shift of sound. The general theme of the fast paced, enraged, and racing songs are fighting songs about not being taken down, sticking up for yourself, and not giving up what you’ve fought so hard for. This completely changes into songs about not being good enough or a good person, about being better, and about wanting so desperately to give into depression but fighting through anyway.

Being able to so effortlessly transition into each of these tracks is a talent that has not gone unnoticed. Vanna did an incredible job with “All Hell” and deserves a solid 9/10. Check it out now which is available on iTunes now! And be sure to check Vanna out all summer on Vans Warped Tour, and pick up a copy of “All Hell” at their merch tent!

Posted on July 13, 2016 .